I do personal attacks only on people who specialize in personal attacks.  - Al Franken

Well, long time no see, but frankly not long enough…

Much has happened since my last post in October, I got up on a stage in front of a few thousand people and talked about something that I have no first hand experience with.

I Traveled to London’s financial district to be asked for examples of how I ‘worked well in a team’. The interview only lasted 20 minutes. I left Bath at 10 and got back at 11. At least I brought a good book.

I became interested in, and began teaching myself Esperanto. Al ĉiuj povas legi ĉi tiu, bone farite, vi povas uzi Interreton. Its fun to learn because all the spelling is phonetic (the C’s with the ^ accent above them are pronounced ch).

Also alot of filming went down. ALOT

I’ve been hired to Direct a 20 minute short that a pair of actors wrote - the longest film I’ve ever done. It should be interesting. We filming for 5 hours yesterday, so I’m now suck in front of a computer editing the footage today… FUN!

Also I got a twitter account. Check it out at